Interview in Woke Magazine


I am super honored to be featured as the first “G of the Month” (Goddess of the Month) for the newly launched Woke Magazine, an all-woman venture that brings amazing, positive  and conscious energy to the table. Click on the G of the month tab at the top of the page to read the full interview. Thanks, Saha!



Buddhist auspicious symbols (part 1)




I’ve been trying to find some Zen (and getting away from the news) for the past week by working on these small-scale paintings of the traditional 8 auspicious symbols used in Buddhism (and also in some areas of Hinduism). They each have a specific purpose/meaning and you often see them pictured on prayer flags. I could not find one definitive reference for the order in which they are supposed to appear, so here are the White Conch, Victory Banner, Dharma Wheel and Golden Fish. These paintings have a lot of metallic details, which unfortunately don’t translate well for screen.

Buddhist auspicious symbols, mixed-media on archival paper, each 6″ x 6″


Catrinas/Day of the Dead, PAINTINGS

Here’s a recently completed commission of a Day of the Dead couple. The client asked me to include some elements such as the mountains and butterflies that were symbolic to her, so I wanted to try to capture her vision and merge it with the traditional style. It’s always fun, yet a challenge for me to paint these and try to keep them non-realistic and more representative of Mexican folk art.


Wet Paint: I Do Believe That You Are Blushing


“I Do Believe That You Are Blushing”, mixed media on archival paper. This one is inspired by a song by Unrest. It’s about my creative process and the vulnerability I experience when sharing my art. I imagine anyone who does creative work of any kind feels this at times; exposing yourself to be judged. It’s hard to see a lot of the detail through a photo, but hopefully it captures the intention.