Love Warrior

There’s not really much to say about this piece other than, some days I feel exhausted and beat down by the hate, so I have to remind myself that love is more powerful.IMG_0894.JPG


Wet paint- wedding gift


This piece was commissioned as a gift for a new couple and tells their unique story and coming together. I thought I would have a hard time since I don’t know the couple personally, but I really connected with it because stylistically it’s up my alley and I try to infuse all of my paintings with love in some form or another. So, it ended up being a pleasure and an honor to take this one on and the only challenge has been putting the brakes on because I want to continue to add more to it. It has iridescent paint as well as bronze and gold ink, so it’s hard to capture the effect digitally. I’m calling it complete now and hoping I get it in the mail soon before I have a chance to change my mind.

Untitled, mixed-media on archival paper.

COVR Award Winner

Our “Mudras for Awakening the Energy Body” deck won four Coalition of Visionary Resources awards in the categories of; Product of the Year, Visionary Product, Retailer’s Choice and People’s Choice! I’m proud of the hard work and love that Alison, the US Games team and I put into this product and I am honored to be recognized in the industry.

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Here’s a recently completed commission of a Day of the Dead couple. The client asked me to include some elements such as the mountains and butterflies that were symbolic to her, so I wanted to try to capture her vision and merge it with the traditional style. It’s always fun, yet a challenge for me to paint these and try to keep them non-realistic and more representative of Mexican folk art.