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I finally got around to re-doing my website and have listed some originals for sale and will be adding limited run prints of certain pieces soon.

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Liberation Through Pranayama & Mudra

This is a fantastic article walking you through the benefits of breathing and mudras in your practice. It features Pranidhana, one of the mudras from the Mudras for Awakening the Energy Body deck that I illustrated (available from US Games Inc, Amazon and local booksellers such as the Tattered Cover in Denver).




When I was eleven, my family moved from (at the time a very dangerous) Colombia so that my sister and I would have the opportunity to attend good colleges and make better lives for ourselves. My parents sacrificed and saved for many years and we lived modestly to make it possible to move. My grandfather who was also an immigrant, became a citizen and sponsored my family and we have lawfully lived in the U.S. since 1982. We contribute to the economy, I have my own business and my sister is an internationally recognized interior designer who has been on tv and on countless international publications. Immigrants just want to work hard and make something of themselves- we don’t take these opportunities for granted, in fact, it could be argued that we appreciate freedom more having come from places where it was not safe. #DayWithoutImmigrants #NoBanNoWall