Liberation Through Pranayama & Mudra

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This is a fantastic article walking you through the benefits of breathing and mudras in your practice. It features Pranidhana, one of the mudras from the Mudras for Awakening the Energy Body deck that I illustrated (available from US Games Inc, Amazon and local booksellers such as the Tattered Cover in Denver).



Interview in Woke Magazine


I am super honored to be featured as the first “G of the Month” (Goddess of the Month) for the newly launched Woke Magazine, an all-woman venture that brings amazing, positive  and conscious energy to the table. Click on the G of the month tab at the top of the page to read the full interview. Thanks, Saha!


Start the Dream auction: Inspired

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Inspiration struck today, which is good because I was starting to over think the piece, as I do with everything else. My final idea is to do an Asian stylized peacock, with my spin on it.

Peacocks symbolize renewal because they replace their tail feathers annually. I think that is a good metaphor for the “Start the Dream” theme of the auction. Receiving a new home from Habitat for Humanity is a new beginning and an opportunity for a fresh start physically and emotionally.

Peacocks are also symbolic in Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism as well as in certain cultures. For me, this adds an extra level of meaning since I like to include cross-cultural and religious ties in my art.

This is my rough sketch, though I am definitely not settled on the colors yet, so there will be some modification of that. But of course, there will be blue in it! (Btw, Joe, I read yesterday that if you are not feeling creative you should surround yourself with blue because it inspires creativity!). I’ll post photos of the work in progress soon…

Peacock sketch for painting by Sabina Espinet