Wet Paint: Ahogando



My muse has been stalled this week so I forced myself to work on an old sketch just to keep painting. I titled it ahogando, which is spanish for drowning and it’s based on a song by TV On The Radio, “Staring at the Sun”:

“You’re staring at the sun, standing in the sea, your mouth is open wide, you’re trying hard to breathe, the water’s at your neck, there’s lightning in your teeth, your body’s over me”

But maybe I should just call it, “Trump Presidency”.

2018, mixed-media on archival paper, 14″ x 11′


Wet Paint: Sylph



One of the most frustrating things for me as an artist is that my technical abilities don’t allow me to properly convey my vision- I am limited by my skills and constantly working to improve them. My friend Chris introduced me to “The Ballad of Mulan” years ago and I did a painting based on the line about her “cloudlike hair”. I had that line in mind again and wanted this goddess to feel ethereal and translucent, but she came out more restrained and heavy. My very wise husband (otherwise known as the rational one) advised me to not tear this one up, so, I am setting her aside for now and appreciating it as is and maybe I will revisit her in the future and try again.

2018, mixed media on archival paper, 7.5″ x 11″

Wet paint: Pele

Mudras, Muses, PAINTINGS


I started this series in November and it stalled with this piece. This is not the first time fire energy has stalled my process and caused me to struggle intensely- physically and emotionally. I finished the piece, but still feel unhappy with it, like it was forced and didn’t flow through me. But, I am learning that the discomfort is integral to growth. So, here she is in all her fiery glory.

2018, mixed media on archival paper, 7.5″ x 11″