This piece is an exercise in learning to stand in my truth and knowing who I am.



Wet paint: Noise

I recently finished this piece (but I am considering adding more, so maybe not) called, “Noise”. It is a companion to the blue painting I did a few weeks ago. They are meant to be shown together as a sort of yin and yang to each other, since this one deals with the fears and doubts and how they can block creativity and general progress. I inadvertently embodied the spirit of this painting during the process, which I supposes is part of the beauty of the process. I had a clear vision of what I wanted to do, inspired by a line from a Tame Impala song, “This noise around me all the time, but not as loud as the voice saying, let it happen”. But once I began working on it, it did not want to come out like I envisioned it and I ended up feeling uncomfortable, frustrated, angry and defensive. I felt tangled up in a complex with this work and had to really push through my doubts to complete it. The composition still feels disjointed , awkward and not how I imagined it- which in the end, I reluctantly admit, helps the painting.

The Buddhist demon, Mara, is featured in the background since in the story, he tried to tempt Gautama Buddha from reaching enlightenment by presenting a series of illusions and other demons shooting arrows at Buddha while he meditated under the Bodhi Tree. So here’s to fighting our inner demons and not getting strangled by our fears.


Wet Paint: I Do Believe That You Are Blushing

“I Do Believe That You Are Blushing”, mixed media on archival paper. This one is inspired by a song by Unrest. It’s about my creative process and the vulnerability I experience when sharing my art. I imagine anyone who does creative work of any kind feels this at times; exposing yourself to be judged. It’s hard to see a lot of the detail through a photo, but hopefully it captures the intention.


Wet Paint: Rise

I’m often inspired by song lyrics and one line will stick in my head and dance around until I paint it. This is the image that came from the line, “Rise, rise from your burning fiat” from “The Rifle Spiral” by The Shins.

The word fiat is latin for “let it be” and it is an order that must be followed. “Fiat Lux” is latin for “Let there be light”. Combining those two ideas, I wanted to convey power, rising above one’s past mistakes and the confines of those orders that are put on us by society, by family expectations and mostly- by our own pressure to please anyone but ourselves. The awakening that feeling brings and the new light within us when this takes place.



Wet Paint: Salacia

I’m a bit behind posting new work, but here is Salacia, who in order to save her virtue hid from Neptune in the Atlantic Ocean until he married her. Though the origin of the word salacious is not based on her name, I thought it was interesting that it has such a negative definition, quite the opposite of her story. So I wanted to sort of take back the word and give her some power. She is posed in a combination of The Madonna and some photographs of Queens that I looked at, holding her scepter and globe.