WWII Poster inspiration

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As part of my exercise in putting goodness out into the universe to balance all the hate, I’ve been playing around with the idea of re-envisioning WWII anti-Nazi posters. Unfortunately they don’t need too much editing to apply today, but it has been an interesting exercise and fun to try to recreate the not-always-symmetrical perspective on the typography that was created before computers. They didn’t turn out as good as I wanted, but it may become a project that I take on long term as there are a lot of great posters to work with.


Wet Paint: Rise

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I’m often inspired by song lyrics and one line will stick in my head and dance around until I paint it. This is the image that came from the line, “Rise, rise from your burning fiat” from “The Rifle Spiral” by The Shins.

The word fiat is latin for “let it be” and it is an order that must be followed. “Fiat Lux” is latin for “Let there be light”. Combining those two ideas, I wanted to convey power, rising above one’s past mistakes and the confines of those orders that are put on us by society, by family expectations and mostly- by our own pressure to please anyone but ourselves. The awakening that feeling brings and the new light within us when this takes place.