This started as a little side note in my sketch book and I guess she just wanted to come to life. It’s got gold ink and iridescent paint highlights, but those don’t show up well in photos.

For Tammy

Memorial pieces are bittersweet for me because obviously, a loved one is gone, but in painting it I also have the pleasure of keeping that person in my heart and thoughts while trying to capture their spirit. My cousin was sweet and brought so much joy to her friends and family. She suffered through many physical issues during…Read more »

Mudras for Awakening the Five Elements

I am excited to share that the new mudras deck is available for pre-order on the U.S. Games Systems site. Alison and I really found our groove for this collaboration and I am really proud of the finished product. #MudrasforAwakeningtheFiveElements #AlisonDenicola #SabinaEspinet#mudras #yoga #meditation #zen #mindfulness #elements #earth #fire#water #air #space